At WOS we propose a 360° approach that is tailored to your needs.

Choose the full solution or just portions of it to help bridge your specific gaps. Our team is here to help YOU with what you really need. NO LONG THERORIES, but PRACTICAL and PRAGMATIC Solutions.

Every project starts with an assessment of the current business environment, opportunity, and organizational capabilities.

It is then followed by the development of a business strategy which is declined into a measurable and executable tactical plan.

Culture will become a key enabler to support your transformation. We will therefore focus on bringing the right behaviors and the right competencies to the team.

We can then act as fully functional business unit and support you in your business development activities, go-to-market approach and commercial execution.

WOS helps you BRIDGE YOUR GAPS and can also take direct responsibility at interim in your organization.

Get the full package or just choose the service that best identifies your needs.

We are here to help you make it happen and develop a sustainable long-term business, focused on value creation, customer connectivity and commercial success.  


We offer a custom-fit and detailed assessment of your current business, your brand, your capabilities and your competencies.


Take an outside-in view of your organization clearly identifying your biggest opportunities and your most complex challenges. Assess your organizational needs and the key stakeholders you need to engage with. Identify where you want to go, how you want to get there, what key elements of your environment will influence this journey and what behaviors do you need to display to WIN.


How strong is your brand in the market? How many resources can you deploy to reach your goals? How is your sales channel structured? Where can you make a real impact the quickest? We will help you assess your capabilities and better define what resources to deploy and where to maximize your chances of business success.


Take a look at your organization and identify what competencies are strong and established, which ones are being built and which ones are needed to succeed in the market today. Whether it’s leadership, management or key functional needs, we will help you spot your weaknesses. World of Surgeons can then help you identify the talent you need to succeed and may in certain cases even take interim roles to help you bridge those gaps, minimizing downtimes and maximizing returns.


We offer a series services to help you build a winning business strategy. Adjust your plans to a constantly evolving world. We will work with you to stay agile and fit for growth. 


Explore your potential to make the right decisions. Clearly identify your served markets and what unique elements are needed to play in this space. Recognize the drivers, the barriers and the key predictors of success. Don’t forget the competition: understand how they win so you can beat them to the finish line.


Explore and understand your customer buying motivations and build a plan on how to get them to tell you what will make them buy.


How do you articulate the value your solution can offer? Identify what it does for the customer and for the patient. Demonstrate how it is different and build the right language to bring it life with the maximum chance of success.


Where to play, how to win and what are your key enablers for success? We will help you identify the areas where your organization needs to fucus to bring your value to the market with the greatest impact.


We support you in developing and deploying tactical plans in all areas of your organization with the associated KPI’s. Manage and steer your business effectively enabling quick decision-making and minimizing risks.


What are your organization’s must-achieve critical goals? How do you break them down into short-term measurable tactics? How do you make sure your organization is aligned around them and how do you measure the progress on achieving them? We support you in ensuring that your resources are focused and streamlined to achieve what is really important and not dispersed into less-valuable activities.


How do you make your critical goals visible to everyone in your organization? Visual techniques have proven to improve efficiency, drive employee engagement and streamline communication leading to significantly improved outcomes. Our experts can support your teams in setting up visual management boards to have all your KPI’s at your fingertips.


Are you in need to accelerate the achievement of a specific critical goal? Sprints are a solution to kill our unproductive routines through a proven methodology originating from agile project management. Focus your team on the big goal and the deliverables without distractions. You will see results that you would not expect.


We are here for you and are ready to provide our experience to help build winning plans for all of your key departments and initiatives. Weather it’s a go-to-market plan for a new product launch, a digital ecosystem or a new sales tool, we are here to guide you in the journey from the draft to the implementation. BEWARE, implementing transformational plans requires a change of mindset and culture … we can help you do this too!


We work by your side to assist you in what is probably the toughest part of your transformation – CULTURE. Culture is about values and behaviors and requires strong leadership and management competencies to create alignment and common goals for success. 


Cultural changes cannot occur without the right leadership. We believe that great leaders can reach unimaginable goals. We are here to work hand-in-hand with your leadership team, assessing their competencies and helping them shape and promote cultural evolution and transformation from the front. We are also ready to cover interim leadership roles while supporting the recruitment of your next game-changer.


The management team gets things done. Are they embedding your new vision in their team dynamics? Are they measuring the contribution of their team members towards supporting the company critical goals? We are not here to teach your managers how to manage teams but are here to support them in accelerating success. We also provide management capabilities to fill in gaps and are happy to get “our hands dirty” with your teams to help promote the right behaviors and attitudes.


What is the purpose of your organization? What are the values that represent you and what behaviors must you display to promote those values? Results are critical but how results are obtained is equally critical. We will support you in this important change-management process and help your teams embed those behaviors for success.


Change cannot be achieved without strong and impactful communication both internally and externally. Are your leaders and managers communicating effectively to produce the right internal alignment to achieve common goals? We can support your team in making sure the right message is delivered to the right people at the right time.


We know business development inside-out and we help you reach your commercial goals. Whether it’s international expansion, channel partner engagement, go-to-market models or commercial training, we can provide the services you need to execute at your maximum potential.


We understand the complexity of today’s medical world and can help you get where you want better and faster. Whether it’s working with your team or doing it for you, we can support your international expansion, find distribution channel partners, train and engage internal and external teams and drive focus on your solution. We can build engagement on your brand and identify influencers and KOLs to support you. We can build access to schools and scientific institutions to support your clinical value proposition.


Every company requires a go-to-market approach that maximizes it’s chances of success. Whether you are looking for growth or bottom line results, we can help you define the correct approach that will maximize your return. We have experience in indirect, direct and hybrid sales approaches and can help you define which model best fits your needs.


Do you have a clearly defined sales process from lead generation to close? How are you measuring your team and what activities are really making the difference in the customer conversion? Are you using a modern CRM tool to help your sales execution? Are you connected with the marketing team to help fuel your sales funnel? We can put the data-driven processes in place that can make you take the right decisions and maximize your sales output and your customer engagement.


What is value? How do we understand customer needs? How do you pitch your solution? We can help your commercial teams elevate their game with our value selling workshops and coaching sessions going from feature sales to a fully consultative approach.